Calcium Formate

Calcium Formate

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Calcium Formate: The Fast-Setting Agent for Construction

Calcium Formate is a vital component in construction, serving as a fast-setting agent, lubricant, and early strength agent for cement. It plays a crucial role in building mortar and various types of concrete. By accelerating the hardening rate of cement and shortening the setting time, especially during winter construction, Calcium Formate helps avoid slow setting at low temperatures. This quickens the demolding process and increases the strength of cement, allowing it to be put into use sooner.


Formic Acid: Understanding its Versatility

Formic Acid, also known as methanoic acid, is a versatile organic acid with a wide range of applications. Derived from the Latin word "formica" (meaning ants), it was initially obtained by distilling ants.


Key Uses of Formic Acid:

Preservatives and Antibacterial Agents in Livestock Feed
Metal Treatment
Rubber Latex Coagulant
Semiconductor Cleaning Agents
Bleaching and Dyeing Auxiliaries for Textiles
Leather Processing
Lime Scale Removers and Cleaning Products
Additionally, Formic Acid finds its place in the chemical industry as a raw material for various compounds, polymers, solvents, and synthetic resin catalysts. It is widely used in fragrances, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals, contributing to the aroma of fruit-scented products.

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