Polypropylene Micro Fiber - PP Fiber

Polypropylene short fiber is a type of fiber that can effectively improve the crack resistance, permeability resistance, impact wear resistance, frost resistance, explosion resistance, and workability of mortar/concrete. Tens of millions of fibers are evenly distributed in mortar/concrete, playing a good role in micro reinforcement.

Product Description

This effectively maintains the integrity of the structure, avoids scattering into many fragments when the structure is damaged by impact, prevents corrosion of steel bars in the structure, greatly prolongs the service life of the project, and reduces maintenance costs.


Material Type 100% Virgin Monofilament Polypropylene Fibers

Length of Fibre

3-22 mm


22 μm - Nominal

Tenacity CN/Tex

28.0 minimum

Elongation at Break


Sotening (melt) Point


Ignition Temperature

Above 350°C


0.91 grams/ml



Thermal Conductivity


Electrical Conductivity


Acid and Salt Resistance


Youngs Modulus

3.5 ​​​​​k N/mm²


600g 900g 1000g bags or as your request



1. High strength and elastic modulus are beneficial for the mechanical properties of concrete.

2. It has strong adhesion to the surface of cement, and hydrophilic treatment is beneficial for hanging ash and improving strength.

3. Excellent dispersibility, without clumping, effectively ensuring its crack resistance performance.

4. The fiber has stable chemical properties and strong acid and alkaline resistance.



Used in anti crack putty powder, insulation mortar, concrete, construction engineering layers, walls, floors, water tanks, basements, and access bridge engineering, it has anti crack, anti permeability, wear resistance, improved toughness, increased impact force, explosion-proof, and also has resistance to tearing, improving the bonding strength between new and old interfaces



1000g / small bag, 20kg / woven bag.


Enhanced functionality for concrete:

Prevent shrinkage cracks in mortar and concrete; Improving the denaturation and toughness of concrete; Enhance anti-seepage and crack resistance performance; Improve the impact strength of the wall; Improve peel resistance and wear resistance; Improve impermeability and freeze-thaw resistance; Enhance the function of tendon protection; Prevent mortar from cracking and prevent crack propagation.


PP Fiber - Polypropylene Micro Fiber


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