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Concrete Fiber Manufacturer

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Ruyuan is a leading manufacturer and supplier of concrete fibers in China with years of experience. We are committed to integrating new technologies into our production process to enhance quality and reduce costs.

Concrete reinforcing fibers are small synthetic fibers added to concrete to improve its strength and durability. Ruyuan concrete fibers have various applications, including roads, bridges, buildings, and parking lots.

Ruyuan specializes in producing high-quality fibers such as Polypropylene Micro Fiber, Polypropylene Macro Fiber, Polypropylene Mesh Fiber, Steel Fiber, Glass Fiber, and Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber.


Choosing the right fiber for concrete

When you add synthetic fibers to concrete, it enhances the concrete mix. Concrete fibers can reinforce concrete, extending its lifespan and reducing the need for maintenance.

Ruyuan's synthetic concrete fibers are designed to prevent cracking in concrete structures. As a professional supplier of concrete fibers in China, we have reliable expertise you can trust. We offer a variety of high-quality fibers, each with its unique functions to meet your needs. Rely on Ruyuan to enhance the strength and performance of your concrete projects.

PP Fiber - Polypropylene Micro Fiber

Polypropylene Micro Fiber - PP Fiber

Polypropylene short fiber is a type of fiber that can effectively improve the crack resistance, permeability resistance, impact wear resistance, frost resistance, explosion resistance, and workability of mortar/concrete. Tens of millions of fibers are evenly distributed in mortar/concrete, playing a good role in micro reinforcement.

PP Macro Fiber - Polypropylene Macro Fiber

Polypropylene Macro Fiber - PP Macro Fiber

Also known as plastic steel fiber or imitation steel fiber, it is made from polypropylene and polyethylene as the main raw materials and refined through special production processes. The product has rough surface, clear outline, good dispersion and adhesive force with cement matrix.

PP Mesh Fiber - Polypropylene Mesh Fiber

Polypropylene Mesh Fiber - PP Mesh Fiber

Bundles of polypropylene resin are specially processed and treated to interweave into a network of fibers. It has a strong binding force with the base material of cement concrete. After being added to the concrete base material and mixed, it automatically opens due to the impact of aggregates such as cement and sand.

Steel Fiber

Steel Fibers for Concrete

Steel fiber is a type of fiber with a growth to diameter ratio (the ratio of fiber length to diameter) of 40-80, produced through methods such as cutting fine steel wires, cutting cold rolled strip steel, milling steel ingots, or rapid condensation of molten steel.

Glass Fiber

Glass Fiber

Glass Fiber is a fine filamentous substance made from glass through processes such as high-temperature melting and wire drawing. It is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance, with a wide variety of types.

Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber (PVA Fiber)

Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber (PVA Fiber)

Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber (PVA Fiber) is commonly used in various concrete projects, including concrete countertops, architectural panels, concrete vanity tops, and concrete furniture, typically employing fiber technology for primary reinforcement.

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